Hi, I'm Rebecca! I am a native Washingtonian, I currently live in Lake Stevens with my little family. I married the yin to my yang, James on September 16th 2017. I'm a stepmother to an amazing, creative, little animal lover--Eva. I'm also a fur mamma to Izzy a tiny brown tabby rescue from Oregon, who lost her left eye in 2015 (but is still a total BA) and Charlie, a Bernese Mountain Dog who is just a big, sweet, dopey love bug. We love watching family movies together and having friends over for game nights!

 Upon realizing that my childhood dream could actually become a reality, I combined forces with my best friend to pursue my passion. My career has always surrounded around customer service. I've always been able to connect well with my clients and do whatever I can to assist them in their needs and exceed their expectations. I use all that I have learned from my experiences, to make sure my couples are involved in the planning process, but don't have to shoulder any of the stress. This is truly what Kendal and I love doing and we are just crazy about giving our couples the best day ever! 

Fun Facts about me: 

My Guilty Pleasure: Watching horror movies. 

Food Weakness: Cheesecake (any sugary treat really)  

What is weird about me: I hate pico de giao

Perfect Vacation: An all-inclusive resort somewhere warm and sunny. 

Dream House: One just full of dogs. 

Embarrassing: I often embarrass myself by trying to say two words at the same time, it comes out as one strange word. For example cool and great, comes out as Grool. (Yes, just like in Mean Girls-That's a real thing!)


Hi, I'm Kendal. I was born and raised in Washington State, I love my home city of Seattle! I currently live in Shoreline, where my husband and I bought our first house in 2017.  I married my husband Mat on July 21st, 2018, he is the love of my life. We have a full home with two dogs, Danni and Arlo, as well as two cats, Riley and Momo. Our animals are our family and we spend most of our time with them and our friends and family, this is what makes us happy.  

I previously worked in the mortgage industry, which is a form of customer service, but I found that working in finance wasn't what I wanted to do. I needed an outlet for my creative nature and wanted more from my career. I started my own graphic design business, focusing on weddings. This was something I did on the side and when talking with Rebecca I decided I wanted to make weddings and graphic design my career path. I knew that together, we could create a company to help all couples have the best day of their lives. I truly enjoy the wedding experience and the joy and fun it can bring family and friends. There is nothing more special than celebrating two people's love for one another.

Fun Facts about me: 

My Guilty Pleasure: Eating ice-cream in bed.   

Food Weakness: Chips

What is weird about me: I don't like or drink coffee. 

Perfect Vacation: Somewhere warm with a beach. 

Dream House: One where I am surrounded by my family. 

Embarrassing: I am pretty clumsy so I often trip and or fall and it's pretty hard to pretend that hasn't happened in a social setting, so I've gotten used to laughing at myself. 

More About Us

Why We Love What We Do! 

One of the best and most culminating moments of a couple's love is their wedding. There is so much emphasis and expectations put upon this day. It's supposed to be a super fun, absolutely beautiful, and full of love, while being STRESS FREE. This is where we come in! To some people, planning a wedding seems easy and fun, until they consider all the people involved, all the little details and doing everything while trying to enjoy this joyous time with their partner. We work with some of the best photographers, caterers, venues, and florists in the business. And we're meeting new and incredible vendors all the time. We know just the right person to fit all your Big Day needs. All the fine details, your wedding theme, stationary and decorations will be cohesive and well thought out. We know just how to take the wedding you've been dreaming of and make your vision a reality. All that, while enjoying our time with you and your partner. 


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